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Ferro Alloys

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Ferromax is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of ferroalloy products. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we have built a strong reputation for delivering excellence in quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is passionate about providing customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client.

Ferro Silicon

Ferrosilicon is an alloy that is basically composed for iron and silicon. It reduces metals from their oxides and is generally used to deoxidize steel and other ferrous alloys.

Since silicon and oxygen are easily combined to produce silicon dioxide, ferrosilicon is used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking production. When the silicon in the ferro silicon combines with oxygen, a large amount of heat is released due to the formation of SiO2, which is also beneficial to increase the temperature of the molten steel while deoxidizing.

Ferrosilicon can also be used as alloying element additives, widely used in low-alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel.

LumpsSi 70-75%Al 1-1.5% MaxC 0.1% MaxSize 10-100 mm
ChipsSi 68-72%Al 1-1.5% MaxC 0.1% MaxSize 3-10 mm
InoculantSi 65-70%Al 1-1.5% MaxC 0.1% MaxSize 1-5 mm
PowderSi 65-70%Al 1-1.5% MaxC 0.1% MaxSize 0-0.3 mm
PowderSi 45-50%Al 1-1.5% MaxC 0.1% MaxSize 0-0.3 mm

Ferro Silicon Magnesium

FeSiMg Alloy, also known as Ferro Silicon Magnesium is a kind of good nodulizer. It contains Rare Earth elements with strong mechanical strength, the effect of deoxidization and desulfurization is strong.

It’s widely used in the metallurgic industry. It is one of the most important additives in the production process of spheroidal graphite iron.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium is easy for mass production, and as nodulizing agent, it expanded the production of Ductile Iron.

5-7%43-48%1.5-2%0.8-1.5%1% MAXBal5-25 mm
8-10%43-48%1.5-2%0.8-1.5%1% MAXBal1-5 mm
8-10%43-48%0.8-1.5%0.8-1.5%1% MAXBal2-10 mm
Powder0 – 5 mm
Chips3 – 12 mm
Lumps25 – 150 mm

Ferro Manganese

Ferro Manganese is an alloy composed of iron and manganese. High Carbon Ferro Manganese is one variant of this alloy. It is used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer in a steel industry.

Ferro manganese is very important in steelmaking and casting. It can improve the hardness, strength and wear resistance of steel, and improving the cutting characteristics of castings.

High carbon ferro manganese produced by electric furnace is mainly used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloy additive for steelmaking. In addition, with the progress of low carbon ferro manganese production technology, high carbon ferromanganese can also be used to produce low carbon ferro manganese.


Ferro Chrome

Ferro chromium is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron. It is an important alloy additive for steelmaking.

Ferro Chrome is an alloy of iron and chromium. Chromium content varies between 50 and 70% depending on the origin of the material. Its melting point is 1400° approx. for high carbon and 1620° for low carbon.

According to different carbon content, ferro chrome can be divided into high-carbon ferrochrome (10% C content), low-carbon ferrochrome (0.25% C content), Micro-carbon ferrochrome (0.03%-0.15% C content).

Powder0 – 5 mm
Chips3 – 12 mm
Lumps25 – 150 mm
Powder0 – 5 mm
Chips3 – 12 mm
Lumps25 – 150 mm

Silicon Manganese

Silicon manganese is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements.

It is a kind of ferroalloy with a wide range of uses and large output, and it ranks second in the amount of ferroalloy products for electric furnace.

Both manganese and silicon in the Mn-Si alloy have a strong affinity with oxygen. When manganese-silicon alloy is used in steelmaking, the melting points of the deoxidized products MnSiO3 and Mn2SiO4 are 1270℃ and 1327℃, respectively, which have low melting point, large particles, and easy to float , good deoxidation effect and other advantages.